School Excursion Tours is a bus charter company that specialises in planning and operating the best excursions. Our aim is to help busy schools and teachers deliver great excursions with minimum hassle. We arrange all the flights, accommodation, events, food, and so much more.

Below are a few questions to consider to help us plan your ideal excursion. Please provide the answers in the form at the bottom of the page.

1. When & Where?

Every trip starts with where and when. Once we know your desired location and time we can use our local knowledge to find the best activities and attractions for you. Our main locations are Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Hunter Valley, Snowy Mountains, and Sydney. We have provided a small list of the most popular destinations at each location.

When and where to charter a busy 1

2. Purpose or Theme?

Does your trip have a specific purpose or theme such as Australian history, or theme parks? Many cities have themed local events as well as attractions. Knowing your purpose will help us plan out the best activities and destinations for your excursion.

3. How many people?

Whether you want to bring a whole school or just a small classroom, we can do it all. It's important to provide us with firm numbers as soon as possible so we can best accommodate the needs of all students, teachers, and support staff.

Moving Suitecase

4. How much Luggage?

How much and what kind of luggage will your group be bringing along? Sometimes you need more than just a basic suitcase. Do we need to make extra allowances for special baggage such as instruments, sports gear, or special equipment?

5. What Features do you require?

Do you need any special features on your bus: PA system, wheelchair access, toilets, TV/DVD system, Wi-Fi? All our coaches come with standard air conditioning and seat belts.

6. Do we need to know anything else?

Do you have any special requests or requirements beyond the details outlined above?

Now that you've thought about the details, it's time to take action and get a quote!